An Unexpected Goose

Craig rowed the boat toward the shore, but the goose kept diving.

Photo by Philippe Oursel on Unsplash

PROMPT: Craig woke up early one morning with only one thought in his mind. "I want to go the park." He hurriedly dressed, making sure to grab the bag full of breadcrumbs off the counter. Shortly after Craig reached the park, he came across a large goose. The goose looked at him menacingly, and Craig feared for his life. Suddenly, the goose charged.

Craig dashed forward, swinging his bag at the goose’s head. The bag made no impact. Craig guessed the thing was just fat, and his bag only added to the goose’s weight. It ran away, and Craig felt a sudden feeling of despair.

His decision not to return home but instead go on the run made him hate himself. He ran down the path and saw that the path led to the middle of a large lake. He ran as fast as his legs would carry him to the edge. Craig had nothing to lose. He jumped off the edge. Once he landed, he rushed toward the lake.

At the lake’s edge, he saw the smaller goose lying on its back. Craig picked up the goose, which was only a few inches tall. He held the goose in his arms. The goose was too light to be a baby goose, so Craig guessed it was a juvenile goose.

He ran across the lake, finding the juvenile goose and releasing it. The goose turned and began heading back toward the source of the lake. Craig ran after the goose and, after running for a short distance, he found a rowboat. He had been in this boat before, and he knew it well. He quickly jumped in and rowed for the shore. The goose landed on the shore and made a beeline for the water.

Craig rowed the boat toward the shore, but the goose kept diving. Craig went for the safety of the boat’s steering wheel. He nearly crashed into the shore as the goose dove. The boat swerved, as if it were trying to get away, but the goose was too fast. Craig hit the shore with a crash and he landed hard on his left arm. Craig hopped up and ran to the shore. The goose followed.

Craig grabbed the goose, who was only a few inches tall, and pulled him to the shore. Craig threw the goose into the water. He then covered himself with sand and began walking along the shore. He came upon a goose who was also on his own. Craig approached the goose and gently picked him up.

The goose was a young adult goose, as young as he could get. Craig dropped the goose on the shore. He picked up the goose and looked at him. He’d be good friends.

Craig turned and started walking toward the house. He paused to talk to the goose. The goose seemed to like the idea of being friends with him. Craig explained to the goose that the house was nearby. The goose could stay with him. The goose wanted to be his friend.

Craig was grateful for this special goose. He took the goose back home and treated him well. When he walked back to the house, he discovered that his mom had heard him talking to the goose. She told Craig what he’d said and asked,

“Did you just say that the goose was your friend?”

Craig lied to her.

The bird flew up into the sky and returned, telling Craig that he would always be a good friend to the goose. That was how Craig met the original, Baby Goose.