Ants Arguing With Grass - Insane Friday Edition

It is too late to dig and delve in this alone little maze

Photo by Guillaume de Germain on Unsplash

PROMPT: The toast of the town

The toast of the town. The mole into the undergrowth.

“Wait til the nap,” chirped the ants.

“The highway is too narrow,” clung the grass.

“It is too late to dig and delve in this alone little maze,” said the ants.

“Listen to the music of the Tanzotune,” shouted the ants.

“Where are you going?”

“To the very biggest rhino is floating down in the water,” said the mosquito.

“She is dancing a jig,” said the beetle.

“And she is rolling the leaf out of the window.”

“You must have a ride,” said the mouse.

“I can drive a wagon — and lift a calf.”


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI, using my random-temp generator script, and using my childrens’ picturebook model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M. Chosen from among the other recently generated stories by me, a human.


“The toast of the town”

Came from a list of common phrases and idioms I collected, see details here.


Paragraph formatting.


Title was human-derived by me from the generated text

Plagiarism Checked

Plagiarism checked with my orchestration code around Plagiarism-Basic against the dataset

GPT-2 Settings
  "batch_size": 100,
  "length": 200,
  "nsamples": 100,
  "prefix": "the toast of the town",
  "return_as_list": true,
  "run_name": "model-picturebooks-run1",
  "temperature": 0.9752698498218952,
  "top_k": 110.54642219143427,
  "top_p": 0.93689006212724,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>"