Deep Wordage 4 - Insane Friday Edition

Darkness be my thing

Photo by twentyonekoalas on Unsplash

Darkness be my thing

You are variety and your variations are beauty.

Do give the earth a good shake

A sea without surf would be very difficult to cross.

I think my charge was over already.

Noble fear is someone believing that because you are afraid, you should be encouraged.

A silver spoon will follow a needle.

One error is compensation for another.

Agility is a pecuniary boon.

Latexistence and creativity are apple companies.

Do not help yourself to the moon.

Write with or without, but with or without a license.

NEEDLE CAPTURED with tooth and quit struggling.

Trusting children with important questions


Classic techniques add flavor to this cold, hard cash.

After only two spoonfuls, the fish will want more.


Editor’s Notes

Quotes & phrases written by AI, using my random-temp script, and using my inspire-all-2-774M model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M at around 100,000 iterations currently. Phrases chosen from among the other recently generated phrases by me, a human. This week, I threw all of the inspirational phrases that cleared 3 words in my plagiarism filter into a rust server to serve me one at random on every page refresh. I’ve selected my favorites from a short session of hitting F5 repeatedly :)


I didn’t add any emphasis, the all-caps words were an encoding from the capitalized words in the pinterest graphics it was trained on, I was hoping it would reproduce some of that emphasis from the pinterest art.

Plagiarism Checked

Plagiarism checked with Plagiarism-Basic against the dataset using 3-word length series comparisons in a rolling window.