Empty Purple Pickings

He shrugged and placed the pickup across his knees before he stepped through the stock market

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Come and keep fiddling up your reruns at the Shop. Well done! Bring the binoculars, Marcus Jones.” A white-haired stroller gesticulating artist became aware of his wife’s fidgeting depression. He shrugged and placed the pickup across his knees before he stepped through the stock market. His nostrils were thick enough to perceive another dealer, Another dealer.

Luckman was on his way to collect his house, Ray Roberts already had it doped to but dropped out. He’d run ahead of the crowd so as not to miss a move. Roland waited for orders and went out to collect the fat barges he didn’t want to miss; Pat was lucky for that that.

The empty purple pickings rang like a mob of drums. His own tableau hadn’t been a pink five-dollar canteen. It made him look nervous, as if he were sniffing scales.

“Which is the best?” Lewis asked politely.

“Mine. Last round”

On the counter the dealer’s voice was already calm and teasing. He turned and held out two hand signals. Luckman looked up from the controls of his torturer.

“You take ‘em here.” “All I want is two,” Roberts said, indicating Pat. “But I don’t want to catch a cold even in the carrying room.”

“Put two hand signals into the waistband,” Sir Daniel suggested. “Over in the esorp.”

A salesman gripped a fluorescent tube and the snouts emanated from it.

“Put something this pick-up man wears around his neck and when he says hi like `Yo,’” Major Diego heard Pat say.

“His sweatshirt doesn’t need anything recharged,” Alys suggested.

The squeeze in the Collector’s Corner commanded him to close the Flaw. By the time he put out his signals, the car was a hundred times faster than General Edmund G. Ginney was forced to send his corps down in the building of the ninerama.

From what I can see of Pat—who’s a credit to excellence in geekery—all this was obvious to Luckman. So he headed for the business edge, loaded some good-hearted little pioneers. When he let the altimeter settle down again his face twisted together a little closer.


Editor’s Notes


Removed the last two words to have some finality.

GPT-2 Settings
# default sample settings for simple-gpt-2, except 5 samples instead of 1
  nsamples: 5,
  batch_size: 1,
  length: 1023,
  temperature: 0.7,
  top_k: 0,
  top_p: 0.0,
  include_prefix: True