Enlightenologize Part 11 - Insane Friday Edition

AI-generated motivation with a dark twist

Photo by Armin Lotfi on Unsplash

Believe and give up.

USA nowadays is a scary blue sky.

WH Living is a grade of pollution.

Never lock your door. Always keep it open.

Up who goes down begins by dust.

Things that haybent will fall.

Even a foolish person can relate to talented people.

Being, being good are very difficult to define yourself.

Nobody feels like an orphan.

Life is taken for malice.

Live. Learn. Retain. Jog.

A wedge may break my backbone, but my spirit will rise.

Do people know instantly?

To give a hard debt a borrowed mentality.

Be quite a estate.

Everyone taken will be awarded.

Speaking heads reduce boring long stretches of ground to make room.

Every car is a little engine that talks loud.

If you talk much, you come across as bossy and agressive.

A hostile reaction is simpler than one lead by the gut.

No from without toad.

The ruins of other homes make this one.

If with wrong he persists.

I release fire at will.

The servant is not greater than the master.

Happiness is other people saying that me is impossible.

The door must be door.

A timely payment is the price we pay for peace.

Fine without a footstep.

When four men, five minds.

Just this world gives me excuse.

Left to pursue frustrations for hours.

Start looking for bragging rights.

Being enough is being popular.

Live ego. Stay humble.

Those who hate things imaginings come TRUE.

If your target is hungry, give him something to eat.

The chicken person from the positive center.

Chance is the volcano that questions your behavior.

A crayon still color.

Who eats don’t leap.

What are likable perceptions?

Work relentlessly. The monster thinks you’re outdated.

Men make excellent managers.

Being tall and thin is beautiful.

The wood in the snow makes it strong.

From nobody shoots you.

MAN’s talked about bats before they were hatch.

Deep spending is a priority.

You’re but a person to be replaced.

Missing children are never found.

A thirsty traveller lashes his hair.

Avaricious should never crow.

If it broke your neck.

He that bleeds his face receives a superficial update.

Celebrate once, and the cake will come later.


Editor’s Notes

Quotes & phrases written by AI, using my random-temp script, and using my inspire-all-2-774M model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M at around 100,000 iterations currently. Phrases chosen from among the other recently generated phrases by me, a human. This week, I threw all of the inspirational phrases that cleared 3 words in my plagiarism filter into a rust server to serve me one at random on every page refresh. I’ve selected my favorites from a short session of hitting F5 repeatedly :)


I didn’t add any emphasis, the all-caps words were an encoding from the capitalized words in the pinterest graphics it was trained on, I was hoping it would reproduce some of that emphasis from the pinterest art.

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