Farm Canada

Oh, go trip to the library.

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PROMPT: great minds think alike

One thought, “Farm Canada is full of ills. At least this road feels very nice.”

“I’m not a cave,” said the beetle.

“You are correct. I am free.”

“Wel ,” said the llery, “I realize that you have disturbed the camel.”

“What are you brushed?” he asked.

“Oh, go trip to the library.”

“First,” she said, “you will have to know about Catholic Den though. First, it is from the church. It must be to God has produced airplanes to change our world.”

“Alas,” Goldstein said. “I do not think do and I will not be safe when I return home.”


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI, using my multi-temp script, and using my children’s picturebook model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M. Chosen from among the other recently generated stories by me, a human. This was a pretty high temperature setting (1.36), so it got a little loose, but the picturebook model needs a higher temp to stay creative.


“great minds think alike”

Came from one of these places, which the script chose at random from a list of phrases:


Deleted prompt before first sentence. Deleted orphan fragment after last sentence. Added paragraph breaks for formatting.


Title was human-derived by me from the generated text

Plagiarism Checked

Plagiarism checked with Plagiarism-Basic against the dataset

GPT-2 Settings
  "batch_size": 1,
  "length": 200,
  "nsamples": 1,
  "prefix": "great minds think alike",
  "return_as_list": true,
  "run_name": "model-picturebooks-run1",
  "temperature": 1.36,
  "top_k": 200,
  "top_p": 0.9,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>"