Hannah Hawk and the Biting Puppy

He went to the haystack. He went to the fields. He went to the meadow to look for worms

Photo by Luis Fernando Pimentel on Unsplash

On the road, in a hurry, he thought.

“I’m going fast,” he said. “I want to look right into your ears.”

“Do you have more to say?” asked the man.

“I certainly do,” said the man.

“I hope you have enough for one,” said the man. “Hop.”

Then they unpacked the box and brought it to the house.

Just then the mother saw the puppy coming. She ran to his side to give him a little closer hug.

“I don’t like what my mother has said,” he said.

“Do you think she expects what she wants from you?” she asked. “Step in this box and let her know what you are trying to do.”

Just then the wagging tail came out of its body and started chasing the puppy.

“Don’t stop such a small prey,” the mother said.

“Do grow so afraid,” the puppy said, and it started chasing her.

“I won’t run away,” she said.

“Don’t be so frightened,” said the puppy. “It’s just got into my earpads. I won’t try to fight it off.”

“I don’t want to take the risk,” said Hannah Hawk. “I don’t think you’d be frightened, would you?”

“No,” said the puppy.

“Well, well …” said Hannah Hawk. She started to cry.

“It wasn’t biting,” said the puppy, “that was all. It’s just bite after bite after bite of me.”

“Silly animal!” said Hannah Hawk. Then she cried again.

“That’s always wrong with you,” said the puppy. “If a puppy had bitten you, you wouldn’t be fighting it off.”

“Yes,” said Hannah Hawk. Then she hugged and kissed the puppy’s mother.

“It’s no good saying it,” said Hannah Hawk. “It doesn’t have to mean anything to be thinking it through. You don’t have to think it through for me to say something like that. Take it easy, my good boy. Good boy.”

He went to pick up his mother.

He went to the haystack. He went to the fields. He went to the meadow to look for worms.

But everything fell into place.

The dog came out. It was a big dog with a long tail, strong jaws, and sharp teeth. It pounced on the dog while he was sniffing for food.

“Well, well,” said Mama.

“This isn’t the first time Mama has seen a dog chasing a wolf.” said Brother. “ Wolves hunt in camps. Last time it was just an old cold shoulder sticking up over the top.”

“Doesn’t look much skin,” said Papa.

Look! They’re going to the garage with some trucks! Just what Brother and Sister need!


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI. Excerpt from samples output around 1300 steps of a children’s picturebook model I’m training


Just changed one character name, added line formatting, and capitalization. Horizontal line dividers were added to preserve the extra space the generator created between “pages” of the book it made.

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