Labrynth City Nights, Part 1

The only place a detective would go looking for a murder is into the local labyrinths that run through the hills north of here.

Photo by Reynier Carl on Unsplash

“I have no interest in it.” Kirin said to Jake before looking around the kitchen island. “Listen,” he continued. “The only place a detective would go looking for a murder is into the local labyrinths that run through the hills north of here.” Kirin continued. “I do hope you have your wits about this case.”

“What? How am I supposed to make them tell me who the killer is?”

“Duty,” Kirin smiled as he picked up the bowl and began to boil it again. “Ask them to pull out the bag until I see a sign that there’s nothing about him here that points to him being a Murderer.”

“Well…” Jake said turning the case over in his hands. “That didn’t seem like a threat then.”

“It is when you find a scapegoat for the murders, Togusa,” Kirin said.

“As then?”

“Get them both out of here and send me home.” Kirin said turning the case over in his hands again. “What do you think?”

“Isn’t there anything that’ll stop a man striking a woman?”

“Nothing that’ll stop a man in his quest?”

“You’re wrong, Kray.” Kirin said throwing back his hood and wiping a smear of blood from the corner of his mouth. “He wasn’t there, which is why you’re wrong.”

“What? Why would you stop calling me a suspect?”

“Because that’s what you’re a detective for, right?”

“Well,” Jake said lowering his head. “Do we have any clue as to how this killer found the Mermaid to tempt the murderer?”

“You’re the detective.” Kirin said.


“You’re going after the culprit yourself.”

“As I was saying before,” Kirin continued.

“A suspect?”


“Do you have any evidence that the killer is your own uncle?”

“Nah. We had the poor man nagging me to look for any tidbit of information and shrugged until I found nothing. It was a complete surprise that he would not provide such vital information before murdering his own nephew for not providing information for me. That’s why I went and spoke to him anyway.”

“What do you plan to do with him?”

“Same as what we did with the vixen, I plan to ask him what he thinks.”

“What do you plan to do with the man?”

“Call the police.”

“Perhaps. And with the Mermaid here, it’s your best chance of getting away with passing the easy way. Besides, even if you were the culprit, would the messenger still be a family man?”

Kara frowned at the sudden question. “My nsa’s the same, don’t we?”

“Now that’s a canna tone!” Kirin laughed. “Can for you, not a call.”

“Ahah,” Karate Instructor called out to the nervous Karate. “What sorta thing is this, ya? You’re cory!” he said raising his voice for attention.

“Cory it is,” Yumi said quite loudly, pushing her way through the laughter of the students as she glared at them, calling out “Cory! Cary! Cary! Cary!”

“C’mon, already you tell yourself,” Kirin smirked as he pulled the muddy coat from the student. “I’m the Detective Academy and you’re the Unions—the debt is ours.” Kirin nodded as he walked over to a trash can and knocked it as the sound of running footsteps. “Let’s get him out of here.” He helped Jacob pull the body of the young man into the hallway of the building. As the students moved to assist with the effort, Kirin stood by Jacob, wondering if this man was the culprit.

“What is that thing?” Kirin asked.

“Running and weaving its own dance, that’s what it did,” Jake said as he shoved Kirin to the side. “We have to find out what this one’s planning before the suspect can walk a mile in any direction.”

“What are you talking about? This guy is an even stranger. Why would he take the risk of attacking his own brother?”

“Who knows, if he already had the bags, why not just whip it by the ankles and run and make sure he didn’t have the bags dragged inside.”

“Maybe he didn’t have the bags.”

“Let’s find a bag.”

“No, as long as he has those masks on, he’s vulnerable to strangers.”

“Now comes your turn.” Kirin said turning around and back towards the front door as he held the shoulder of the short blond boy with the striped cap perched on his head to steer him out the door as they walked down the hallway. Nearing the door, he could see the bouncers as they gave the all-clear to the young couple who entered the building and waved them in. As they did, the door opened to reveal the bouncers pushing in the front door with rifles as they shouted sternly to the young man inside, firing their rifles utterantly at them until a few of them fired back at them and someone grabbed their hand.

“Come on!” the short blond man shouted, waving his hands as they pulled them in and the officers as they yelled threats until the young man grabbed a gun to the hand of the woman holding them and dragged the couple out the front door. As the bouncers proceeded by holding the door more firmly against the brawling stream of people, Jake entered.

“Let’s go.” He whispered as the bouncers chased him outside the building.

“Whoa!” Kirin said in shock as he looked on with disbelief at the situation. “Jake?” he said turning around to see Kirin.


Editor’s Notes

This is first part of the second story generated from the new longer-form generator program.


Just removed some redundant sentences, where the generator repeated itself. I always keep the first, and remove the additional sentences when this happens.

GPT-2 Settings
  "return_as_list": true,
  "include_prefix": false,
  "length": 1024,
  "top_k": 5000,
  "top_p": 0.9,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>",
  "temperature": 1.0,
  "run_name": "model-cyberpunk-run1",
  "prefix": "",
  "nsamples": 1