Night Standin

He was a night standin there in the evening

Photo by Felix Wiebe on Unsplash

Addie came out of the world

He was a night standin there in the evening,

his brother was in the room

in the cloony night,

they stoled so much in the night,

all the sound in, all tonight,

until the last sleep

of the children

Of the Carnegie Foundation

What’s the clock in the Hotel

The last stop of the movie

The last weigh of the movie

In the scale of time

Is slow –

Tho all it is, yes

it is that

And the picture on the back

of the boxcars

In the vast dusk

of the urban street,

Football players drowsy of the nose,

Amarillo and his rocking partner

Sings he adores –

Bus drivers be tractors of fresh


Stinkers of water bottles

Far in the street


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI. Came from samples made while training my recent “beat generation poems” model around 60,000 steps. Perform this with 50’s Jazz or bongos ;)


Changed one person name to a randomly generated one. Deleted last 5 lines since they overfit the dataset.


Title came from text

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