Obey's A Rebel

Every time the dusk falls the darkness deepens and grows thicker

Photo by Alfred Kenneally on Unsplash

Obey’s a rebel. He’s heard, seen, seen, seen all in a bewildering fever. But now it’s as if he’d been told that, as he sees it, he saw an eagle.

He knows it’s coming, and has been thinking of something else: a new kind of owl. He knows its color—its shape—its hatching place. So he asks.

“Can I know my hawk, my bird?”

“You might,” says Obey.

“You will have birds of all colors, and that’s the sort of bird you’ll find in a nest of foxes that you remember the fox, but it’s also there, even to the color.” Says the owl the meaning of its name.

The owl sees in the dark the figure of Obey and takes off. Obey is so excited by the owl’s flight that he even calls on the owl to come and tell him “I love you more,” and says he loves Obey evermore.

On and on that owl flies away and is gone. As an afterthought, the owl goes into the night and sees the dark figure of Obey in the darkness in the darkness.

The owl goes to sleep without looking up at the figure in the darkness.

Owls, that their young machines learn not to fear a lighted candle. They know that the very fire of a candle burns warm, and they take the warm burning wood, and that the glow comes through the smoke of the wood and into the dark, and that it is not the smoke but the fire that burns warm.

The glow comes through the woods that are as dark as the dark wood around them, and the fire never goes out or goes out; it creeps into the night and comes hither and thither, and it cannot be stopped. Every time the dusk falls the darkness deepens and grows thicker.


Editor’s Notes


Formatting added. Removed some chapter headings that came right after “looking up at the figure in the darkness”, since it was right in the middle of the story, and messed up the formatting. Removed ”, and every place” from the very end of the story for some finality.

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