Pig and Porcupine had a Bike

Porcupine would not want to ride a bike

Photo by Christopher Carson on Unsplash

PROMPT: Zero tolerance.

Pig had a bike and Porcupine could ride a bike but of course it was not too slow.

He had to go up a street and then he would find a Coach me.

Porcupine would not want to ride a bike.

He wanted to read a book.

He wanted to play the piano.

He wanted to eat vegetables.

He wanted to play the evening.

But he could not go.


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI, using my random-temp generator script, and using my children’s picturebook model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M. Chosen from among the other recently generated stories by me, a human.


“zero tolerance”

Came from a list of common phrases and idioms I collected, see details here.


Changed character names to randomly generated animal names. Added paragraph formatting for flow.


Title was human-derived by me from the generated text

Plagiarism Checked

Plagiarism checked with my orchestration code around Plagiarism-Basic against the dataset

GPT-2 Settings
  "batch_size": 100,
  "length": 100,
  "nsamples": 100,
  "prefix": "zero tolerance",
  "return_as_list": true,
  "run_name": "model-picturebooks-run1",
  "temperature": 0.9190954198847326,
  "top_k": 104.37324068258586,
  "top_p": 0.9127341138534226,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>"