Safe Shore

What did the sand feel to wash away?

Photo by Elizeu Dias on Unsplash

If he could see

He would walk on sunshine,

Noel as he went.

He walked on the beach,

And kept his eyes are down,

And he could not see

He ever was who.

Noel said goodbye, and he went away.

He was all alone.

Noel said, “What did the beach say to the sky?”

“I don’t know. And I hate to leave you stuck to your land.

Why did the sea air grow?

What did the sand feel to wash away?

“I live in fear of the beach,”

Said the snow.

“Soon it will be safe shore.”

The wind came back, and Noel was warm again.

The snow melted away.

Noel was glad to see the snow come away.

And the sky came right down over the island.


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI. Generated from my children’s picture book model.


Changed one character name to another randomly generated name.


Title taken from the generated text.

GPT-2 Settings
  "return_as_list": true,
  "length": 200,
  "temperature": 1.1,
  "top_k": 80,
  "top_p": 0.9,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>",
  "nsamples": 20,
  "batch_size": 2,
  "run_name": "model-picturebooks-run1",
  "prefix": ""