Scattered Stars

Maybe it's been a bad year, and those stars are all broken up and scattered

Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash

PROMPT: "They've found me, Rory! I don't know how, but they've found me!" Mick dove behind the car, and gestured for Rory to get in.

“There’s a funny story about a pilot who lost his ship, and he was trying to get messages across to Earth, but the ship was just a ball, and he couldn’t see a thing except some alien stars, and he couldn’t get his voice to work, and so he decided to crash land in another star. He went in alone, but when the ship’s communication failed he thought he was being sent back, and then he realized that it wasn’t his ship at all, but another ship, and it belonged to someone else, and so he went back in alone again, and this time found a planet.”

“I don’t know if you’ve been told about this,” Rory said, “but that’s the way it goes.”

“It doesn’t,” Mick said. “Maybe it’s been a bad year, and those stars are all broken up and scattered. But you know, I don’t think so. We’ve got plenty of planets. Any old planet will do, and I won’t think of going. You can run back to Earth and take us there, and then when you’re tired and angry you can take the ship out back to our planet. Then when you’re a little lonely and feel you need to be with us. You can take me with you, and then when I’m tired you can take me with you and I tell you what to do.”

“We’ll do it,” Rory said. “I can’t believe it won’t work out that way.”

“Well, maybe it’s too late to worry about that,” Mick said. “Maybe we’re going to be all of us killed. Maybe the aliens have found us and taken us back to their planet. Maybe it’s all just a misunderstanding.”

“Maybe, Mick,” Rory said. “Maybe it’s all just a misunderstanding.”

“There’s something going on, though,” Mick said. “The ship and its people are acting so strangely. I know it’s a misunderstanding. Maybe they’re the aliens. Maybe the bomb is off.”

“What’s the matter with you?” Rory asked.

“The bomb is off,” Mick said. “It’s no good. The aliens are on the planet, and they’re going to attack us.”

“If we can get the ship into Earth orbit,” Rory said, “we can take off for home. I mean, you can take me there.”

“I won’t.”


Editor’s Notes


I made this prompt to for testing models after each training run.


I changed the character names to equivalent ones.

Generation Process

This story was made with a low temperature of 0.7, and made with my eclecticbeams previous content self-reinforced fiction+plot model, based on gpt-2 774M

GPT-2 Settings
  length: 500,
  temperature: 0.7,
  nsamples: 50,
  batch_size: 5,