Skeleton Wolf and the Great Dragon Yu Jia

This voice sounded like it was coming from the very depths of the earth

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PROMPT: The light in his life was actually a fire burning all around him.

This was the reason why he chose to gather the wolves in the hope of hunting something with more vitality. The night was very quiet. He was sleeping in the sitting position, but his eyes were always locked on the wolf cubs. A bizarre scene appeared in his mind.


A white wolf came charging out of the darkness. His body was totally devoid of any flesh and blood, and he looked like a skeleton with a very white face. The wolf didn’t want to get lost, so he stood up while walking toward the cubs and sniffed the air. It could be interpreted as that he was afraid of being found out and might be wandering about. The people in the scene actually didn’t notice that this weird skeleton was in their midst.

The skeleton took the wolf cubs as his target, then dropped down and approached them. However, a certain something made him pause. That something was the wolf cubs’ frightened expressions.

“Is he annoying?”

He was even more sure about it now. This was because the wolf cubs didn’t speak a word. They were scared and didn’t want to be touched. This situation was very, very peculiar.

And then a voice came out of the skeleton’s mouth.

“You are under the suspicion of being a monster. What do you do?”

This voice sounded like it was coming from the very depths of the earth. It was the very voice of the Great Dragon Yu Jia. As he stopped, he thought that this voice came from the very center of the earth, or perhaps the very center of hell.


I don’t know about this world’s history, but it seems like there is nothing that a god wouldn’t do. Yu Jia was probably a low level god. With his suggestion, he made these normal humans stronger and made them an evolution path.


I’m sure there are many tales in our world that say that the Great Dragon Yu Jia was insane. I can’t help but feel that if he was here, he might already be causing a lot of trouble.


He went to the center of the earth to find the Great Dragon. Fortunately, it turned out that there wasn’t any monster or dark elf. He tried to leave and became nervous. When he looked back, it was already dark.

At this time, the young man’s hair had turned white. That was because he had joined the white wolf pack. It’s similar to the incident with the venomous lizards. But this time, it didn’t work out like that.

The skeleton threw Yu Jia into the giant pool. The skeleton’s body was covered with scales. Although it was shocking to see him wearing so much scales, the scales could be easily removed. The wolf cubs that were hungry were kept inside and the wolf was forced to eat them.

Although the skeleton’s power was enormous, Yu Jia didn’t feel his magic power going down. This was because he had been given magic power that made him feel like he had power that exceeded most beings. Yu Jia wasn’t so weak that he couldn’t be held up by the skeleton. He quietly crawled on his belly and stared at the skeleton.

“Can you tell what is inside me?”

As if he sensed something, Yu Jia asked the skeleton’s skull. The skeleton opened its mouth and showed a three-headed monster. That monster had three heads that were as long as two palms. That monster looked like a snake with three heads.

On the head of that monster were two big, white wings. That monster was the black dragon. It was a black creature that looked like a terrifying dragon, but it wasn’t powerful enough to even look up at the Great Dragon Yu Jia.

“Was there anything from the Shikigami?”

As Yu Jia asked that, a magical barrier appeared in front of Yu Jia. The black dragon swallowed the giant monster and then disappeared from the scene. In this state, Yu Jia did something strange. He didn’t act like a normal human and talked with the skeleton.

While listening to Yu Jia’s voice, the skeleton opened his mouth and spoke. “All the monsters in the forest also possess the power of the Shikigami. It was simple to recognize a monster as a Shikigami when it had those two heads.


Editor’s Notes

Prompt comes from this random sentence generator:

GPT-2 Settings
  "model_name": "1558M",
  "length": 1024,
  "temperature": 0.95,
  "top_k": 40,
  "top_p": 0.9,
  "nsamples": 12