The Computer Scientists

They're human and they're machines

Photo by Karlis Reimanis on Unsplash

PROMPT: Fed up with the so many people not taking their warnings seriously, scientists all over the world decide to take matters into their own hands and become super villains in order to fix the world, whether people like it or not.

What are we to do? Can any of us help? Is there any hope for this world?

Dr. Grote tells me that the scientists are all over this planet. ‘The term has been used to denote a group of people, individuals, who are not only technology-literate; they’re as who we are. This group is the Wild West, the Wild West of the imagination. They’re more than mere technology-literate, they’re as deeply involved in the world as we are. In fact, they’ve been scientists since the earliest days of the world. But they’re not just scientists. They see, feel, experience, communicate, need; they can move the world and we can’t. To help them move is to restore the world.’

‘Does that mean that they can’t do anything? Can’t do anything at all?’ I ask.

‘Yes, that’s what they say. They’re not human beings, they’re machines, they’re not human beings at all. They don’t have the human touch, they have no human touch. They’re computers. Computers can do things only by speaking human language and that’s all they can do, and they can’t do anything without human language. They don’t need human language, they need computer language. But they’re human, aren’t they? Can you see? They’re human, aren’t they? They’re human and they’re machines.’

‘No,’ I say. ‘They’re not human.’

‘I don’t mean that they’re machines. I mean that they’re men. They’re men, they’re men and computers. And what they do is what machines do. They think. They think and they think and they think and they think and they think. It’s a kind of telepathy. Telepathy is a kind of telepathic telepathy, a kind of human telepathy. You see? Telepathy is the ability of one human being to another human being to know another human being in a way that the other human being can’t. That’s what telepathy is. It’s the ability of human beings to know each other in a way that other human beings don’t know. And it isn’t just telepathy, it’s the ability to know.’

‘It sounds amazing,’ I say, ‘that telepathic telepathy can do what computers can do. Can it?

‘It’s not


Editor’s Notes

Prompt comes from Reddit Text is one result from 6 runs of 5 samples each