The Haunted Shower

Something was very wrong

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PROMPT: As he waited for the shower to warm, he noticed that he could hear water change temperature.

The water was very warm, like a sauna. His bare skin was cooling him down. It was so satisfying. He wanted more, he just knew it. And right then, something strange happened. The temperature dropped. It went down, to the lower half of what it had been the last time he’d taken a shower.

He knew this wasn’t what he was looking for. He was taking a shower because he knew he needed a shower. But for some reason, the temperature had dropped. It was lower than his body was warming up. What did that mean?

He turned on the shower head and started water running. Just as the water started to run, he felt it start to drop again. And then it dropped some more.

He panicked. He didn’t want to touch the water. He couldn’t handle touching it. But there was no way he could stop it. It was a compulsion. After a few minutes, the water did begin to drop. He turned off the water and turned on the fan, thinking it was the water cooling it down. But it just made it go back up. And up. And up.

Something was very wrong. He couldn’t make the fan work, and he didn’t have any cold towels. He was out of everything. It was getting so hot, he couldn’t stand it. He decided he would use a thermos and put it under the shower. That way, it would take a little more time to warm up. He placed the thermos in and ran to the bathroom. It was that time.

It was almost a full minute before he felt the water start to warm up. He turned the water on and waited. The shower went off and he took a few minutes to lay down. His hair was tousled, he was still sweat dripping off him. He noticed that he was just starting to feel a little bit of the air rushing into his lungs.

And then the temperature began to drop. The temperature dropped to the lowest it had been. It was so low, it felt like the water was freezing. His skin was freezing. It was like he was outside in the cold. He couldn’t feel his hand in his pocket. He couldn’t feel his feet.

He wasn’t worried. He knew it was going to take a few minutes for it to warm up. And then it did. It was a wonderful feeling. He had no idea what was going on, but something was happening to him. His body was moving. He couldn’t put a finger on what it was.

When he woke up, he was sitting in a chair. There was a warm towel around his neck. He looked over at his hand and realized it was warm. He looked down at his feet. They were cold. He got up and got a drink of water.

“Was that a dream?” he asked himself.

He checked the clock on the wall. 11:42.

“I don’t know. I haven’t had a shower for hours.”

He took a sip of water and began to gather his things.

“I should get back to the dorms.”

“Huh? What are you talking about?”

He walked back to his room and went back to bed. The next morning, his dorm mates noticed he wasn’t in his bed. He was nowhere to be seen. The room was empty. They couldn’t figure out why he hadn’t made himself at home. He was gone for almost 3 weeks.

Then, he woke up in the morning. He was hungry, but he couldn’t eat anything. He was still feeling hungry, and he decided he had to leave. So he got up, and walked over to the food place.

He tried to eat some fruit. He tried to eat some candy. But he couldn’t. He couldn’t even swallow his saliva. He had to go somewhere else.

He started walking, thinking he might just end up at the cafeteria or something. He walked for maybe two or three hours, before he gave up. He had nothing left. He had no idea where he was. He walked all the way back to his dorm room and took a nap for a few hours.

When he woke up, he couldn’t remember where he was. He had no idea how he got here. He couldn’t remember a thing. He walked all the way back to his dorm room, thinking that maybe he had just fallen asleep in his bed. When he finally made it back to his


Editor’s Notes

Prompt came from Random Sentence Generator

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  "length": 1024,
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