Three Cheers for Alpaca!

You won’t eat clean sandwiches again

Photo by LARAINE DAVIS from Pexels

I’ve got a week of weird children’s stories for you this time, starting here with “Three Cheers for Alpaca!”

PROMPT: three cheers for

“Three cheers for Alpaca!”

The others cheered. Even Kangaroo got stung by a beetle. He was just stupid enough to spend it.

“But look! That’s a live beetle.”

“I am sorry,” said Kangaroo. “I ate just one hand. I felt quite a lot today.”

“You won’t eat clean sandwiches again,” said the beetle. “I think I’d better.”

“I open my lunch box,” said Kangaroo.

“Oh, no!” said the beetle. “I missed lunch.”

“Hooray,” said Kangaroo.

“There’s no time to lose.”

“Alpaca,” said Kangaroo, “I can read new books.”


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI, using my multi-temp script, and using my children’s picture books model, which is a fine-tuning of gpt-2 774M. Chosen from among the other recently generated stories by me, a human.


“three cheers for”

Came from a list of common phrases and idioms I collected, see details here.


Changed character names to new randomly generated animal names.


Title was human-derived by me from the generated text

Plagiarism Checked

Plagiarism checked using my orchestration code around Plagiarism-Basic against the dataset

GPT-2 Settings
  "batch_size": 100,
  "length": 200,
  "nsamples": 100,
  "prefix": "three cheers for",
  "return_as_list": true,
  "run_name": "model-picturebooks-run1",
  "temperature": 1.0798626237330269,
  "top_k": 104.8469503365652,
  "top_p": 0.9188850860535988,
  "truncate": "<|endoftext|>"