Travelers, like the dragons, have taken to the air

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PROMPT: Traveling became almost extinct during the pandemic.

Now, though, the situation is beginning to change, and it has an unanticipated consequence.

(Fiction) Travelers are back

Travelers, like the dragons, have taken to the air. It is a form of travel that is much more widespread than in their own world, and very dangerous.

Budget Cuts

Smaller nations have been reduced to self-sufficient subsistence economies, with less and less money available for development projects. This has already left some states without government at all. The prevalence of travel has led to a sharp decline in agricultural production, leading to food shortages and an increase in public health problems. It is feared that if the lack of money is not immediately alleviated, the situation will be exacerbated.

UN Observation

The UN has sent an observation mission to observe the situation. The mission is due to return in October, although details of the visit have not yet been made public.


The economy of Arcadia has suffered a steep decline since the disappearance of the dragons. As a result, many large corporations have entered the region, with a variety of interests. Numerous shipping companies now ply the Great Ocean Road. Most of the border crossings have been cut back or simply abandoned, leaving just a few entry points. There is speculation that the dragons have been absorbing most of the industry from the mainland, reducing exports and imports, which has left many starving for food.

Artificial Migration

In some regions, people are being forcibly moved to avoid famine and pandemic. Those who resist are rounded up and put into concentration camps. Those who refuse to leave are sent to other locations, where they are kept in high security concentration camps, and subject to systematic torture.

Conflicts between the dragons and humans

As the situation has deteriorated in Arcadia, the conflict between the dragons and humans has escalated.

Recent skirmishes

A local town has been the site of several bloody skirmishes in recent months. The most recent came in late June, when an attack on a human settlement left 15 civilians dead and over 40 injured.

Human Response

The government has not stated whether it will continue to refuse to investigate the dragons, or whether it intends to support the displaced people and support their local government.


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