Two Pronouns

I did not look too shocked with astonishment at flying from a English soldier's horse

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WHEN I had been back the next morning, after a night and a day of unavoidable worry and doubt, this last misunderstanding with the ambassador was laid to his charge. He delivered a bombshell to the family with the accident of taking a taxi at the Constellation, one out of a thousand that were watching, when I was going to take one, the night before. The public would not have denied that I had taken a taxi, certainly without my having the reason to deny it. Or, if it was doubtful, I could not serve the family with any enmity, after so many actions of mine. The day before I left England, I had told Helen of my intention of leaving in a short time, and of my intention of offering myself up for adoption to some English sweetheart. This was a lie: I had not thought of getting a sweetheart, nor had I dragged myself out of an easy position in the Church of the Holy Star, nor had I any dreadful schemes that I could have run through with my own. Therefore it was no great loss to the family that I had made this announcement.

I was still a little in the soul when on a Sunday morning — it is a Sunday morning nowadays — I found myself on the point of going over to Leicester Field, where I had passed all the previous night. As I took horse and led the cavalcade among the trees, I did not look too shocked with astonishment at flying from a English soldier’s horse. Shocking as it was to see the outraged people, not to mention their wild and strange faces, among which I alone was able to clothe, that I had perhaps disturbed it with a little outburst of profanity, I did not wonder that there was room enough in the great hall for a couple of books and two solitary books. This also I had in my pocket, without exception, and unbidden, as the Church has room enough. As we trudged along through the sand, hot and tired, and with a good deal of scratching and stroking, and all the other ordinary demands of every trepidation complete, I could not help exclaiming, in my overheating way.


Editor’s Notes

Written by AI, using my general fiction model, finetuned from GPT-2. Text generated as a sample during training, around step 744,000 of run2


I changed final comma to a period at the end. I decapitalized the title it generated, since it came out in all-caps.


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