Unlocked Door

My voice was a little tense

Photo by Dima Pechurin on Unsplash

“Hey, do you wish you could talk back to me?” I asked. My voice was a little tense.

“I’d like to,” said I. “If you don’t mind, I’ll try.”

I turned toward the door, and turned again. I waited there for the next one to be unlocked, then left and went in the kitchen. No one in the living room noticed me.

I went inside again when I went down the hall. This was the first time I did the dishes. I was surprised that I didn’t wake up my wife when she came to bed, but she just stayed awake. That I hadn’t been up was probably why.

I didn’t bother asking her if she didn’t want to see me.

After I left, I didn’t find the usual way to communicate with him. I had to talk things out on my own. But in the end, even if I did, there were many questions I had to put through the motions, such as that. To make matters worse, I could hardly sit down at the table, so I couldn’t concentrate on anything. To break a silence, I pretended to think someone was following after me to the bathroom. As a joke, I’d tell him that I felt like talking to anybody nearby. This probably helped me relax and forget about the problem.

When I came back, though, I saw him still asleep. That left a good deal of unanswered questions to deal with.

I left the kitchen and went outside to the parking lot. But, as I headed toward the car, I saw people in both the cars with the same expression on their faces. I could just see their faces. If anything should change, I’d change it. Not one of them seemed to know.

After I got back to the front of the car, I thought that my wife would ask me something and go on talking about something with me. She wasn’t. Why would she have such a bad time speaking to me? And I’d have to tell her everything I have just been dealing with. It was almost funny to listen to her talk over my shoulder.


Editor’s Notes

The text here came out of a regular sample when I was fine-tuning another fiction model, based on the GPT-2-774M model. It had the default generation settings for training samples in gpt-2-simple.

I’ve added capitalization, quoatation, formatting and emphasis, and removed this 1 line from the beginning, for consistency and to have a clear beginning to the story:

serious of the two. But why should the two do it? Could they have been motivated by hatred? Could they perhaps even wished to see me dead.