Whiskers' Submarine

The life of a pirate was not all it seemed to be

Photo by Kris Mikael Krister on Unsplash

PROMPT: Once there was a baby sea turtle. He was the last turtle to hatch out of his egg. Once freed from his shell, he had to make his way down the dangerous path to the ocean. Along his way, there could be many dangerous foes. He set out on his journey, watching out for Sally the Seagull, the most notorious gangster and sea turtle-eater.

As he fought his way through the waters, he took on the various threats that presented themselves. Sea-breeze, sharks, and even the dreaded Red Rooster. In each encounter, he never faltered and continued to fight until he reached the ocean floor. He walked onto the land, but was eventually captured by the Coast Guard and sent to a naval prison. Eventually, his escape was planned.

In March of 1959, he was slowly transported across the ocean by helicopter. After reaching the mainland, he was placed in an underwater prison, where he would spend the next four years. During this time, he was searched for, and found, by his friend and former foe, Mr. Whiskers. They quickly married and, in December of 1959, Mr. Whiskers brought him back to his home. But that was the only bit of good news he received.

In 1962, the Coast Guard intercepted the Whiskers’ submarine. By that time, the Grandpa had become an endangered species. The man who had once taken on the greatest sea turtle ever to hatch out of an egg was now home free. But then something happened that would change his life forever.

He was rescued by a young boy named Rodney, who had been born and raised on the island. After some simple scolding and a lesson in how to be a good sailor, the two friends embarked on a journey to sea. Through this voyage, they would learn that the life of a pirate was not all it seemed to be. In the end, they were able to send the Grandpa to the ocean floor where he would be safe and sound. After four years, the story ended with his return to his home. But it was not an easy trip back.

As he was led across the water, the Whiskers’ submarine was shot down. Because of this, he had to land on the island and find his way to safety.

His first stop was the Coney Island Zoo where he would be housed until he could make his way back to his home. Eventually, the two friends found the Whiskers’ submarine and were able to salvage what they could of it. But the Whiskers’ submarine was wrecked beyond repair and their home was no more. Little did the two boys know that one day, they would meet again.


Editor’s Notes

Prompt by Elizabeth Anderson

GPT-2 config
  "model_name": "1558M",
  "length": 1024,
  "temperature": 0.9,
  "top_k": 80,
  "top_p": 0.9,
  "nsamples": 12

This generated story came from my third run of 12 samples each